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MTL Computer Network Services design the total network infrastructure, taking into account the installation requirements in terms of functionality and performance. Special attention is paid to cross-platform integration, as a badly designed network can cause major performance problems. All network installations are accomplished using an open system architecture’ concept allowing the room for potential future growth.
Each and every project is implemented with the highest standard of quality; with our customers’ best interest our first priority. Our staff have been carefully selected for their expertise & experience within the various disciplines associated with ICT Infrastructure.
We provide MAC, (Moves, Adds, Changes), Troubleshooting & Repair, and Cabling Certification services quickly and efficiently. With a Certified System, all work will be warranted for a minimum of one year and in some cases, for the lifetime of the installation.
MTL Computer Network Services’ Cabling solutions include:

  • Structured cabling systems for voice, data security and video;
  • Multicore Backbone cabling;
  • Fibre Optic solutions.

About Us

MTL CNS is an end-to-end IT Solutions and maintenance company that provides cutting-edge business solutions to SMMEs and government.The company was registered with CIPRO company number 2009/163055/23.

Our Services

Our services range from designing and commissioning computer network systems, developing client-specific web and mobile applications, to securing clients’ online environment.


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